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Your True Self Is Divine Self

I often have these “mini awakening” experiences that shift my perception, and they can happen at any time. A couple of days ago I was on the phone and I suddenly knew that I cannot die. Out of no where, for no reason at all, I KNEW that death was impossible.The body dies, but I can never die. I’ve intellectually understood this before, but this was an absolute knowing in every part of me. This filled me with indescribable, joyful ecstacy, and I went to bed that night in a totally blissful state, laughing and repeating to myself over and over, “I cannot die, only the body dies. I will never die”. I could so distinctly feel the true essence of me, it was as if my skin desolved away and I expanded into everything. I was everywhere.

The great sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi says simply: When the pot breaks, the space in the pot Merges as one with the great Space. When the inert body passes away, the Self, seemingly in the body, Becomes immediately one with the Supreme Self.” It’s the spirit, the soul, the atman that never dies. Atman is a term in Hinduism that explains that inherent in the real self of each individual is the spiritual life principle of the universe, And what is the spiritual life principal of the universe? God. God is the real self of all. If God is infinite, and how could it not be, then God must be you. To deny that you are God is to deny that God is infinite.

And the qualities of God are our own innate qualities, should we choose to own them. We are omniscient (all-knowing), omnipotent (all-powerful), and omnibenevolent (supremely good). This is who we truly are.

The reason that most of us don’t live with the awareness of the Divine nature of all, is because we have that one thing that separates us from God - the belief that we have a personal self. This is commonly called the ego. Without an ego that separates us from the oneness that is the only thing that exists, we are indeed, God itself. When we remove the ego, how could anything remain, except for pure and perfect spirit? I hope that you will remember today, that you are God, that all is Divine. I’d love to hear your feelings and thoughts about living as a Divine being, please comment below.

I‘ve created several meditations to help you to move into, and eventually live in the higher frequencies of love, bliss and peace. You can sign up here to get these meditations for free!

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