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You ARE the Divine

You, and everyone else, is divine. Everything that you see around you, everyone you meet, and every situation that you’ve ever experienced.

Whatever you’d like to call the uniting force that creates all things, it IS all things. This means that the divine is the horrific events that take place in the world, and the “evil” people that we believe we have nothing at all in common with.

I believe that the divine loves us into life. The divine beats the heart of all things, and breathes through every being. That’s an unconditional love that accepts everyone and everything, just as it is, enough to give ceaselessly. This is divine love.

This is in you now. This is who you are. The people you don’t get along with, the people who have hurt you and the people you don’t agree with at all, are all divine.

We are all one, and we are all perfect souls at our core. We are taught that we are not perfect, we are taught that we should squish ourselves, dull our shine, and fit into this mold that is a construct of fearful minds. It‘s never been true that you are not perfectly lovable as you are. You have been fed a lie.

However, it’s not anyone’s fault. The well-meaning people who told you to “be a good girl/boy”, were fed the same lie. They are a part of the same dis-ease. The disease of the world is in our thinking that we are separate from each other, from the earth and from the divine. This is the cause of all problems.

It’s not up to anyone else to take you back to your true nature. As a matter of fact, no one can do that for you. It is 100% your responsibility to become aware once again, that we are all one thing, we are all part of a whole. There is nothing to argue, or fight against.

Of course, there may be atrocities in the world, but they are a symptom of this way of thinking. It has to start with you, because that is the only thing you have any control over, and if you expect the world to be loving, YOU must be loving. I would love to see us get out of our minds and connect with the truth of our hearts and focus on the deep love of ourselves, our brothers and sisters (animal, plant, bacteria, human etc) that we share this beautiful planet with, and a deep love for the divine. This is possible for all of us, and people who are in love with all of life in this way, naturally make choices in every moment that are best for everyone.

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