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What Is the True Purpose Of Spiritual Awakening?

I used to believe that the purpose of spiritual awakening was to provide me with spiritual tools to better deal with whatever life hands me. I thought that the purpose of waking up was to be happy and peaceful. These are great perks that can eventually happen, but I don’t feel that they are the reason for the call to wake up that is happening for so many people in the planet right now.

I now feel that spirit waking us up has nothing to do with our personal lives. We wake up in order to raise to new levels of consciousness. The higher the level of consciousness, the more the Divine is present in one’s being, until eventually one realizes their God nature. This Divine presence radiates out into the field that unites us all, and this effects the collective. In short, when you wake up and become more conscious, you raise the level of consciousness of the entire universe.

The collective consciousness is sort of like an ocean, and I am a drop of water. When I am living in high levels of consciousness, I am able to contribute pure water to this ocean. When I am living as an awake person, I do not bring my shadows to the collective anymore. For this reason, intentionally embarking on a spiritual awakening journey is a great service to all living things.

This is true not only in a universal way, but it’s also true in your personal relationships with the people closest to you. You will undoubtedly notice that, as you ascend and evolve, you emit a higher frequency, and others will vibrate in resonance. The higher the level of consciousness you radiate, the more profound and far reaching the effect.

The true purpose of your spiritual awakening has nothing to do with you as an individual, and has everything to do with the whole. If you are being called to wake up, you are being prompted to help everyone on the planet to evolve.

When we are operating in high levels of consciousness, we naturally make better choices, and we are more kind and loving to all. People in power who are highly conscious do not start wars, for example. A person in a relationship who is spiritually awake will take responsibility for their actions, and they will be quick to say, “I’m sorry” and not repeat the mistake.

It’s so important that you wake up, because the world desperately needs the transformation that only evolved, conscious beings can bring. I personally feel that moving ever upwards to higher and higher levels of consciousness is my only priority. It’s of utmost importance, not because the other parts of life don’t matter, but actually because they DO matter. My children are important, and being awake means that I’m less likely to pass down the various generational wounds to them. My health matters greatly, and I don’t eat mindlessly when I’m present and aware. My romantic relationship matters to me, so It’s essential that I open my heart and love without fear and I do this Much more effectively when I am operating as a highly conscious being. All of life matters to me, and I need to show up every day, not as a sleeping automaton, but as a fully awake, highly evolved being.

As a friend put it so succinctly, “An enlightened person is just someone who doesn’t bring their shit to the world anymore”. I choose to be enlightened, because not bringing my shit to the world sounds like a good plan.

I’d love to hear your feelings and thoughts about the purpose of spiritual awakening, and I’d love to know if you have any topics that you’d like me to talk about, so please comment below. I created a 31 Day Energy Upgrade Challenge that could help you to "raise your frequency". Sign up here for free.

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