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The Bliss Of Existence

Sat chit ananda is a Sanskrit term that explains the true nature of reality, according to the yogis and Hindus.

Sat means truth, absolute being or existence-- that which is eternal and unchanging Chit means consciousness and ananda is pure bliss.

The Hindus and yogis believe that the true nature of reality is eternal, unchanging blissful consciousness. You exist and are conscious, and therefor, you have everything you need to be blissful.

On the journey of intentional consciousness evolution, experiences of ecstacy and bliss occur for almost all seekers. This is because one begins to glimpse the ultimate reality more and more. At some point, the truly committed and consistent seeker will live in the bliss of reality.

If one is living in the bliss of existence, no house, no relationship, no amount of money can measure up to the unconditional joy that happens of knowing that God is all there is, everywhere. All desire is lost, because the person is an entirely whole and complete Divine being.

Pure consciousness is, in fact all that there is and we are all whole and complete as we are. The forms that we see all around us are part of that consciousness. We are that consciousness. It unites us all. You could call this unifying consciousness God, or you could call it nature. The name is not important.

What is important is to recognize that this consciousness is you. It is the very thing that sparks you and all beings into life. The same consciousness that looks through my eyes, is looking through your eyes right now. It is the same consciousness that causes the heart to beat and the flowers to bloom. It is the essence of everything in the universe.

You cannot separate yourself from this. You are Divine bliss.

When you are aware of your oneness with all that is, life will move you, and there is nothing that could interrupt the flow of perfection. Miracles become common place, and everything is blessed. Even when challenging situations arise, they will not feel challenging, because the soul knows only pure perfection and you are do not resist life, and therefor you are free. This is not something that can be intellectualized as words can’t really capture the essence of Sat chit ananda.

If you’re on this journey, you may be seeking this blissful union with the consciousness of God. But seeking has been the very thing that has kept bliss at arms length. You are what you seek, you simply lack the awareness of this. The realization that there has never been anything to seek, often comes suddenly and without warning. You will get the universal joke that everything you’ve ever wanted or could ever want, is right where you are, in this very moment and it will fill you with effervescent laughter. One day, maybe today, you will know this bliss of existence and you’ll realize that there is nothing for you to do, everything is complete.

Spiritual bliss isn’t excitement or jubilation. It’s something deeper. You’ll know you’re beginning of moving towards true bliss when you can sit quietly and contentedly, in no special place in particular, and feel no need to adjust yourself, or be somewhere else or do anything else. When you feel that all of the perfection of life is here and now, bliss is yours. I recently created a morning meditation designed to set a blissful tone for the day, click the link in the description below.

I’d love to hear your feelings and thoughts about living blissfully, and I’d love to know if you have any topics that you’d like me to talk about, so please comment below. See you next time!

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