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NO excuses, I Have A Life To Live

I recently experienced a loss, and usually I would cut myself a ton of slack and allow myself to eat ice cream and laze around. I would normally allow a bit of self pity and victimized stories with the false belief that these feelings are normal and natural.

This is the first time that I've encountered a challenging loss that I am NOT allowing ANY thoughts or stories that give me any excuse to stay stuck.

On the contrary, I'm holding myself to a new standard. I'm more conscious than I've ever been about my decisions, listening to that voice within me that KNOWS (y'all know what I'm talking about).

During this time, it would be understandable to most if I fell off of my usual healthy track for a while. Instead, I've actually deepened my meditation practice, I'm working out just as I always do, and I've been keeping up with my anti-inflammatory smoothie cleanse!

What I've noticed is that I feel so much better than I have felt when going through similar situations in the past.

I'm giving myself full permission to feel grief, sadness, anger, resentment and whatever else comes up. I'm simply not allowing myself to tell myself STORIES that keep me stuck.

#noexcuses #fullresponsibility #dothework #dailymeditationpractice #dailyyoga #innerstrength #keepgoing

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