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Is Enlightenment Possible For Anyone?

I do not believe that enlightenment is possible for anyone. Actually, I feel that enlightenment is impossible for every one. No one can be enlightened. And only no one can be enlightened, because enlightenment is the transcendence of the one, individual self, into the oneness. Having said that, I believe that we are all enlightened already, we have merely to realize this and to live it. As Shunryu Suzuki says, “There are, strictly speaking, no enlightened people, there is only enlightened activity”. I think it’s really important to know that enlightenment is not an experience. An experience is transient, it comes and then it goes. Enlightenment is a permanent removal of the veil of illusion of the separate self. And yes, this is available for everyone. You were born without this veil, and then over time you were conditioned to believe that you are limited. In fact, the separate self, or ego is only a mental construct. It isn’t real, but made of nothing more than thought. What prevents you from full illumination and wakefulness is just an illusory mental construct that is so weak, that it asserts itself as real, and as important. The ego wants you to believe that the most important thing is the personal self and that you must be right, and better than others. This separate self will hurt or even kill others to avoid being wrong. All what is needed for your own illumination is to know that the personal self is not real. There is no such thing as an individual you and there is no such thing as individual others. If you understand this only intellectually, then all that can be had is a good conversation. Enlightenment is removing the illusion and when it occurs for you there will be no conversation needed. And once the truth of oneness is known, it cannot be unknown. One cannot achieve enlightenment, because enlightenment is the ceasing of all striving and achieving. There is no self to want and strive. Striving for enlightenment, as if it is something is out there to be achieved, confirms the belief in your separation from it, and you bury yourself in the illusion even more deeply. For most, illumination doesn’t happen all at once. There is a process of shedding the layers that shroud the truth. This is a process of embracing what is and surrendering personal will to Divine will. Quite the opposite of striving, one releases all that is not truth. The instructions from spiritual teachers from every culture have been the same throughout history. Among the most powerful teachings, you will find sages, saints and mystics saying to inquire into who you truly are, love will of life in all conditions, be kind no matter what, and surrender all to the Divine. These are simple enough instructions to follow, but the path isn’t easy. In the beginning especially, the intentional journey of consciousness evolution, otherwise known as the journey toward enlightenment, is one of the most challenging things a human being can undertake. However, nothing that is worth having comes without effort, and in my mind, there is nothing more wonderful than being fully awake. It is the path to true liberation and bliss. I created a morning meditation that could be part of an enlightened morning routine. If you’re interested in listening to this meditation, click the link in the description below. I’d love to hear your feelings and thoughts about the enlightenment journey, so please comment below. And of course, like and share.

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