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Have You Encountered Angels? AND - Is It Possible That You Are Actually An Angel?

I believe in angels, VERY much. I believe that angels are the reason that I have overcome the darkest times in my life. Angels have been there for me, every step of the way.

Yes, we are surrounded by angels. However, I don’t believe that they are somewhere out there, up in the clouds, coming down to protect or bless us powerless humans every once in a while.

This might be a RADICAL shift in your perception…

I believe that WE are the angels. We are the guides, the miracle bringers, and the shining light for each other.

When I was homeless and scared for my life, my family cooked dinner for my children and I every night, and my best friend hung out with me every day and made me laugh. When I was in the deepest darkness of depression and isolation, the voices of Wayne Dyer, Joe Dispenza, and Gabrielle Bernstein inspired me to wake up every morning and create a new life.

And…… when my best friend was sad because no one celebrated her birthday, I made her favorite cake and took her out to a movie. It made her day.

My family and my best friend have been my angels time and time again. Books, podcasts and videos have been messages from angels. And the mind blowing thing is - I have been an angel in other people’s lives as well.

You are surrounded by countless angels and they are delivering messages and assisting you in every moment. They are always available. And YOU, my beautiful, AMAZING friend, are an angel for others.

Who are your angels? Do you believe in yourself as the beautiful angel that you are?

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