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Enlightenment Is the End Of Suffering

For me, there is nothing more important than living as an enlightened being. There are many reasons for this, but one reason is because, an enlightened being does not suffer. I want to first say that I don’t believe that being enlightened is a special thing that’s exclusively available for people who spend all day meditating, and I don’t think that it’s something that one can strive for and achieve in the same way that one gets a degree. We are all already enlightened, it’s simply that the vast majority of people don’t know it. The small percentage of humans on earth who are aware of the truth of who they are, are called “enlightened”.

What the enlighten being is awake to is the true nature of reality. They know that they are not an individual that is separate from others. They know that they are one with all that is, and they are indeed, one with God. An enlightened being has an awareness of the Divine nature of all, and knows that life is perfect just as it is. An awake person knows that they don’t need to fix anything about themselves or about their lives. They don’t seek for things, or desire specific outcomes because there’s an understanding that everything is unfolding perfectly and there’s perfect trust in life.

Awake people know that there is no such thing as right or wrong or good or bad. Everything simply IS. Reality IS and that is all. An enlightened person does not suffer because there is no one individual being within them to suffer. There is no personal self that experiences life as happening to them. There is only a Divine self that knows only its inseparable oneness with all that is. The Divine shines light through this person into the world. Even to call this being a person is false, because there are no entities in the universe, there is only one being.

When someone is not awake yet, they believe that they are a separate, personal self, with desires and needs to be fulfilled. When the desires are met, they are happy for a little while, and life is good. When desires are not met, they are not happy, and life isn’t so good. There is stress when running away from pain, and dissatisfaction when striving for pleasure.

This striving happens in big ways, such as striving to become wealthy, but it happens in tiny subconscious ways constantly, such as when you’re annoyed in a conversation because the person is talking for too long and you have something to share, or when the food you’re about to eat isn’t hot enough. This causes reactivity and “bad moods” and occasionally “good moods”, but the person’s happiness and peace are dependent on the ever changing conditions of the world.

This is a rollercoaster of suffering that never ends, until one wakes up to the truth that all form is illusory. Enlightenment enables one to perceive the underlying formless structure from which all things are formed and to which all things will return. This is known to be the truth. How could there be attachment in the formless all ness?

Every human is on an ever evolving spiritual journey. We are all learning and growing, and pain is an unavoidable part of this journey. While enlightened beings experience pain, they don’t suffer. Suffering is a resistance to what is. The stronger the resistance, the more intense the suffering. Because one who is awake implicitly trusts the Divine unfolding of all of life, they are completely surrendered, and so they don’t suffer.

Suffering is a a natural part of life, and it accompanies pain, until with a sudden shift into wakefulness, suffering isn’t a part of life at all anymore. When we truly embrace what is, we end suffering.

For me, embracing life as it is, and surrendering my personal will to Divine will has helped me to live a much more peaceful and happy life. I no longer feel like I live my life on a rollercoaster.

My only intention is to live in the highest consciousness possible. I gave up all other goals. In the past, I would visualize my life and my day the way that I want them to be. I didn’t know at the time that, even though that seemed like a positive practice, it was actually inducing suffering. I’ve now replaced that with a morning meditation routine of embracing all that life brings me, no matter what, and bringing my light to everyone and everything I encounter throughout my day and I surrender everything to God. I am not perfect at this, but each day I feel that it becomes more and more a natural part of who I am. As a result, I am truly, and peaceful most of the time, and while I may have a bad moment, there is no such thing as a “bad” day anymore.

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I’d love to hear your feelings and thoughts about enlightenment and suffering, so please comment below.

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