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Enlightenment and the Law Of Attraction

As I’m sure so many of you know, the concept of the law of attraction has been super popular for years now. In case you haven’t heard of it though, the simplified version is that energy attracts onto itself like energy. Joy attracts joy and misery attracts more misery. I do believe that the law of attraction is a true. Like a radio, we will get the music that we are tuned into.

However, most of what is talked about when addressing this powerful law, is how to use it to attract stuff into ones life. For me, this is not a powerful application of it. This traps us in an illusory world of form, pain, pleasure and acquisition. Because I am very committed to spiritual progress, I do not simply want to get what I want, I want to be free of desires and attachments. In a way, I want to not want. In my own life, using the law of attraction to get stuff or to reach an external goal seems like a waste.

I no longer intentionally attract material stuff into my life because this is not where my interest lies. And yet I do use the law of attraction every day. I focus on tuning into higher and more beautiful frequencies. I want to be a better and better radio, playing the best music possible.

In other words, my sole intention is to move ever upwards into higher levels of consciousness, and then to bring light into the world in whatever form life asks for in the moment. I want spirit to take over my life.

This is what I use the law of attraction for now. I never ask for specific outcomes anymore, instead I ask to lovingly embrace all of life. I never ask for life to deliver anything to me anymore, I ask to be guided to bring to life whatever is for the highest good of all. I don’t ask for things to change, but instead I ask to see life as God sees life. I don’t want stuff, I want to be liberated from ego, so that I can be Divine.

There is nothing that isn’t spiritual. Spirit is in all things, and if you’re loving using the law of attraction to get the stuff you desire and it feels playful and good to you, perfect. But if you’re like me, using the law of attraction to get stuff only perpetuated a cycle of desire and discontent. Using the law of attraction to acquire and achieve only embedded me more deeply in illusion and suffering.

The circumstances of my life are what they are, and they are not my focus. I want to live in heaven on earth regardless of what is going on around me. And I know this is possible, because I experience bliss and peace more and more each day, even when things are really challenging.

To live in heaven on earth doesn’t require one to have a special ability or any advantage, it only requires that unconditional love for all of life be the unceasing intention. Intention is so powerful and it will carry you perfectly to each next right step. I’d love to hear your feelings and thoughts about the law of attraction and spiritual growth, and I’d love to if you have any topics that you’d like me to talk about, so please comment below.

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