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Can the Ego Be Destroyed?

I believe that not only is it possible to live without the ego, it is necessary if you would like true, lasting happiness.

The ego is a useful mental construct only to keep us alive and striving to be “top dog”. If you only want to survive and get to the top, whatever that means, then it will serve you well. I know that this isn’t the case, as a person on that path wouldn’t watch a video like this. The ego is not truly needed, and it is the obstacle that prevents us from living in heaven on earth. Many illuminated masters and enlightened being have thrived without ego. They are not living in the illusion that they are small, separate, or limited, and they are not subject to suffering because there are no longer any attachments. So - how does one destroy the ego?

It might be helpful to shift the focus from destroying the ego, to not validating its existence at all, and instead invite in more and more spirit, more and more God. This is done through surrender. Fighting the ego can only be done with ego. Spirit is all powerful, and has no need whatsoever to fight anything.

The ego is not an enemy, because it has no basis in reality at all. It is only a false belief to be negated.

To negate the ego, Divine grace is necessary. The ego is the very thing that would believe that anything at all can be done without Divine assistance. You breathe and your heart beats only by the grace of God. Asking for help in all things, small and big allows Divinity into every part of your life.

Michael Singer, the author of the wonderful book, “The Surrender Experiment” says to start with surrendering the small things, like the weather. Let the weather be what it is, without wishing it were different. Ramana Maharshi says “Yes, complete surrender is impossible in the beginning. Partial surrender is certainly possible for all.”

Dissolve the ego through incremental surrender. Eventually, you will be able to surrender your entire life to the Divine, and at some point this will be your natural way of functioning and life will flow.

A practice that I love to do is simply to sit in silence and feel the presence of God everywhere, within me, and all around me. When I first started this practice I would become frustrated because it seemed like the moment I sat down, that’s when my mind would become very active. If this happens to you, know that it’s part of the process and peacefully surrender the thoughts as soon as you notice them, and return to stillness. Do not try to have thoughts. Embrace all that arises, sensations, thoughts, feelings, discomfort and noises in the environment. You might feel a compulsion to complete a thought once it;s started, but this is just habit. Let the thoughts go midstream, the moment you notice them. With daily practice, you will feel more and more stillness and more and more bliss and peace, not only while you’re meditating, but in your mundane life as well.

It’s not important that you become completely still, it’s important that you practice negating the importance of and attachments to the thoughts in favor of stillness. After a while you will likely to notice that the Divine that is all around you and within you, is actually who you are. Then there is no room for ego.

Another helpful practice in negating the ego, that is very effective, is to ask yourself as often as you can remember, who or what you really are. When you are driving to work, ask yourself, “What is driving?” When you are complaining, ask, “Who is it that is complaining?” Remind yourself again and again, that if God is infinite, then God must be who you are. Affirm to yourself that there is no personal you residing within your body, but there is only spirit. Eventually, you will know that this is true.

I created a morning meditation that could help you to negate the ego and live more as a Divine being. If you’re interested in listening to this meditation, click the link in the description below.

I’d love to hear your feelings and thoughts about the ego, and I’d love to if you have any topics that you’d like me to talk about, so please comment below.

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