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4 Sure Signs Of Spiritual Growth

It can be hard to tell how much you’ve evolved on your spiritual journey. It’s sort of like when a baby is growing, other people might make comments about how much the baby has grown, but if you’re with your little girl or boy all the time, you don’t notice.

However, there are some very clear markers of definite spiritual growth.

  1. You’re presented with the same situation that triggers you, and you react totally differently. This is because you are shifting into higher levels of consciousness. The same situation is seen very differently through the lens of guilt then it is through the lens of peace. Everything about the circumstances might be the same, but YOU are different. Because you respond with a higher level of awareness, the outcome is different, and your life changes.

  2. The second sign of spiritual growth is that you become aware of your old destructive patterns, and you are not tempted to fall into them. When life is lived unconsciously, one cannot even see their own destructive patterns. As you start to become more conscious, you see your own behaviors, and you see how you’ve created the life that you are living. Then, little by little, you make more empowered, loving, peaceful choices, and you will not tolerate your own destructive behaviors.

  3. The third marker of spiritual growth is that you do not tolerate the inauthentic anymore. You simply cannot be dishonest, and it becomes very clear when others are dishonest. You can’t be deceived or manipulated anymore. You know when something is right for you and when it isn’t right. Regardless of what anyone says, you follow your heart. You quit your job or leave the relationship that isn’t right. At this point, others may feel afraid for you and they may try to tell you what you should or shouldn’t do. Their advice will fall on deaf ears though. You have tasted liberation, and you can’t go back to prison.

  4. The final sign of spiritual growth and the one that, in my mind means that you are really moving to high levels of consciousness is that you can stop all of the doing and just sit and be. You don’t feel the same drive to produce or achieve and you’re happy about it. This is peace.

If you look at each of these four signs, you’ll notice that what they truly point to is a continuous shift into greater levels of awareness. What you are waking up to when you’re spiritually awakening is higher levels of consciousness that you did not have access to before.

If you’ve been on the path of intentional spiritual evolution for months or years, you literally not the same person you were before you started. The person that you were a year ago, or even a week ago simply would not be able to understand the way that you see the world now. Maybe the former, more sleepy self from a year ago could understand intellectually some of what you’re conscious of now. You wouldn’t have been able to know life in the same way.

It can be likened to loving a child. If a mother is holding her crying baby whom she loves unconditionally, she sees that baby in a very different way then a grumpy stranger can see that baby. The two people live in entirely different worlds. The mother lives in a world where a beautiful, innocent baby needs nurturing and a tender touch, and the grumpy stranger lives in a world where babies are an annoying nuisance that shouldn’t exist at all. The mother is living in a consciousness of love, and the stranger is not.

Your past self was completely innocent because it was living in a different world. As you move upwards into more awareness of the true nature of reality, you naturally move more and more towards a heavenly kind of world. The past version of you was suffering and responding from a lower level of consciousness, and in a year from now, you’ll look back at the present version of you as one who was operating from low levels of consciousness.

This process will never stop, and the four markers of spiritual growth will still be relevant, only they will evolve even more. Instead of responding differently to things that used to trigger you, you simply won’t be triggered at all. At some point, you won’t even remember the patterns and addictions that used to tempt you. Instead of simply not tolerating anything inauthentic, you will simply live your truth, there will be no tolerance or intolerance. And finally, you will know that you are not the cause or the creator of anything in your life. You will know and feel spirit moving you when action is needed, and when action or words are not needed, you will sense stillness beneath the movement of forms and you will feel a silence beneath the noise of life. You won’t just feel love, joy and peace, you will be love itself, you will be the essence of joy and peace.

Eventually life will be reduced to the ridiculously simple truth of, all that is, simply is. I’d love to hear about your spiritual growth. How do you know that you are evolving? I’d also love to know if you have any topics that you’d like me to talk about, so please comment below.

See you next time!

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