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17 Signs That Your Heart Is Open

Living with an open heart is essential for being fully alive. If your heart is closed, you won’t feel the “bad” stuff, but you won’t feel the “good“ stuff either.

An open heart opens you up to love and joy. An open heart allows closeness in a relationship.

These are 17 signs that your heart is starting to open:

  1. You experience emotions in a deeper way.

  2. You may have actual sensations of your heart expanding. This can be very physical and very “real”.

  3. Your relationships become more deeply connected and intimate.

  4. You connect more with plants, nature and animals.

  5. You may experience heart palpitation and even some pain in your heart center. If you suspect it’s a problem, please see a doctor - obviously 😊

  6. You are more open to receiving, and you feel more grateful for what you do receive.

  7. You feel more deeply compassionate to suffering.

  8. You want to give more.

  9. You are more understanding and accepting of others, even those who are very different from you.

  10. You suddenly forgive past hurts.

  11. You feel more love for yourself.

  12. You take care of and nurture yourself better.

  13. You take care of and nurture others more effectively.

  14. Your relationships improve and become healthier.

  15. You start experiencing miracles and synchronicities.

  16. Manifestation becomes effortless.

  17. You feel more peaceful and calm.

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