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Are you ready to read tarot, clearly, confidently and PROFESSIONALLY?

You truly can make a full time living reading tarot from your home

Hi, my name is Rhi, and I have been reading tarot professionally since I was 17 years old.
I am a single mother, and I have been making enough money with my tarot business to support my children and myself. I've learned what works and what doesn't.
even if you don't want to read tarot professionally, but you do want to learn to read more accurately, clearly and confidently for yourself and others, I can help.



"The retreat was AMAZING and I cannot wait for the next one! I’m doing the daily work and getting spiritually prepared for the next dive inward to be uplifted and upgraded! The unfolding of the many blessings that flowed into my reality in the days after the retreat has been unbelievable!"



"It's been a week since I completed Rhi's latest retreat. I'm still so excited and find myself smiling all the time. This was my 3rd retreat and the work has been hard and at times so intense I could hardly stand it. The rewards are worth all the time and work I've put into it. Thank you Rhi for putting these courses together. I use them daily to help me live my best life as my highest self!"

All over the USA


"I am so thankful for Rhi and this retreat!!! The setting she provides is so intimate and personal it's like you're really there! Her meditations, discussions and guidance really help you reach down deep inside yourself and examine your soul!!! This was my third retreat with Rhi and I can't thank her enough! With each one she has continuously motivated me to shine bright as my best and highest self each and every day!!! Upgrade to Uplift!!!"

Upstate NY USA

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